About Adventure Realty


Adventure Realty is made of successful professionals working hard for our community and clients. In 2018 Adventure Realty founder Robin Jaeger visualized what clients valued most could not be expressed by any franchise styled real estate agency and began a company that was committed to a simple set of values that we wanted to see in the industry and in our local community.

Our founding members’ Brokers, Agents and support Staff individual successes came from their persistent drive for excellence. Providing an uncommon client experience when buying or selling homes. We’ve built a real estate firm where excellence is the norm and nothing else was acceptable.

We believe the White Mountains of Arizona is the best place in the country to live-and that’s because of our clients. Families like yours make this community great, and you deserve the best real estate professionals to handle your home buying and selling. Every Adventure Realty professional shares this vison and common believe in a community that many of us volunteer our time to serve on government committees and local improvement groups. We support local charities, worship at local churches, and specifically invest in local business.


At Adventure Realty we’ve built a hometown, real estate firm noted for our top-down excellence. WE ARE YOUR LOCAL EXPERT. At Adventure Realty we strive to work harder than the average agent, and it shows in our results. Our story doesn’t stop at the numbers.  When you work with our exceptional agents and staff, you’re working with someone who is 100% committed to their career, our values, and your success. And that’s where you win. 

Founder - Broker Robin Jaeger